4 Important Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

4 Important Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, digital marketing is one of the keys to success in marketing products. Moreover, the existence of social restrictions to suppress the spread of Covid-19 encourages companies to adapt by utilizing information technology.

No wonder there are also many jobs opening in digital marketing positions. However, the company will not carelessly choose workers to carry out these positions. Therefore, learning in the marketing field, especially digital is very important.

Lecturer of Business and Entrepreneurship Department from the i3L School of Business (iSB), Elita Jessamine Chandra, explained 4 things why it is necessary to study digital marketing. Let’s have a look:

  1. Mobile Internet Users Continue to Increase

Internet users in Indonesia in early 2021 reached 202.6 million people. This number increased by 15.5 percent or 27 million people when compared to January 2020.

By integrating overall marketing with digital marketing, you can reach your target consumers across all online platforms, through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

  1. Compete with Competitors

Every businessman wants to be superior to his competitors. With digital marketing, a businessman can find a wider market according to the predetermined market segmentation.

Digital marketing can also create a list of companies with the same target audience, starting from the types of products they promote on social media and websites, how they organize digital campaigns, whether they use influencers to promote or not, and so on.

And most importantly, if you have these skills then you no longer need to look for a marketing agency to do branding for your business.

  1. Opening Future Career Opportunities

Digital marketing is one of the most wanted specializations today. If you master digital marketing, then you’re one of the people who are wanted to fill a job position.

Currently, many big companies are looking at the digital market, so it’s no wonder there are so many vacancies with qualifications of having digital marketing skills, many offers for digital marketer positions, internet marketers, online marketing specialists, SEO experts, content production, marketing consultants and the list goes on. This means that this is a good opportunity for the future.

  1. Marketing Methods with Digital Use is More Effective

Digital marketing methods are much different from conventional methods. Currently, there are still many people who still use billboards or brochures to increase brand awareness in the marketing of goods and services.

However, these efforts are slowly becoming increasingly ineffective, especially in today’s digital era, because apart from spending considerable time and money, conventional marketing does not go directly to the target market.

With digital marketing, we can carry out marketing strategies through a digital technology platform with a more direct and accurate target audience. Not only that, learning internet marketing at a more advanced level will able to analyze who is the main audience of each ad that is displayed on the Ads platform so that we can minimize the cost of advertising campaigns.

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