5 Accounting Skills Required In Facing Disruption

5 Accounting Skills Required In Facing Disruption

Disruption is the occurrence of basic or fundamental changes. In accounting itself, disruption has also started to occur. One of them is like an autopilot of all accounting processes, from recording to calculating taxes. In this era of disruption, you as an accountant are required to be able to use your accounting skills to see anomaly changes very quickly. 

When you research the right anomaly, you should refocus on providing strategic guidance for the business, such as improving internal processes or looking for cost-saving opportunities. It also allows you to apply not only your accounting skills but also your own creativity.

So, what must accountants do to survive disruption? Let’s take a look!


  1. Data analysis

In the financial function, the main task of the accountant is to provide financial report data to the board of directors with historical data that can be used in decision making. But now companies like to handle it differently, companies also hope to have access to predictive data.

Currently, accountants need to have skills about how to change Big Data in accounting activities into simplified information that can be used in making business decisions. Many large companies have already hired accountants and data scientists for a pivotal role in business development.


  1. Adequate Communication

This is an era of information disclosure. However, even important information becomes useless if it is not shared clearly and competently. 

Accountants must begin to sharpen stronger communication skills, the ability to think critically, and translate these thoughts into easily understandable documents. They will also need stronger verbal communication skills. Such as the ability to convey related financial information to the executive team and stakeholders.


  1. Mastering Technology

Technology doesn’t just change every job function. Technology itself changes rapidly. Instead expect to use the same tools for the next decade. Accountants today must be ready to use new technology every year. This requires not only a basic understanding of the technology itself but cultivating ongoing flexibility and adaptability and your accounting skills will flourish here. Technology is constantly changing and good accountant need to shift and adapt with it.

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