Bioentrepreneurship: When Science Meets Business

You might have heard or read about ‘bioentrepreneurship’ when looking for references for your project, but do you actually know what it is? Even when you have heard about it so many times, there is still a chance that you might not exactly know what the term means. Because if you do, you will definitely want to know more about it as a discipline.
In order to not miss the opportunity to actually be an expert in bioentrepreneurship, let’s look at some bioentrepreneurship facts below!

Bioentrepreneurship = Science + Business

We can actually guess what it means by its name only: bioentrepreneurship is a combination of two words: bio and entrepreneurship.

The concept of bioentrepreneurship can be applied to a lot of different industries, sectors and markets such as medical, energy and agricultural research. However, bioentrepreneurship still refers to one specific thing: the science of commercializing life science products.

Business and science are two things that are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. Science is oriented towards the development of knowledge and the understanding of the world, while business focuses on the development of commercial products. The need to fulfill the increasing need for a sustainable life and the development of biotechnology have pushed governments to implement bioentrepreneurship and bioeconomy.

Bioentrepreneurship for a Better and More Sustainable Life

Bioentrepreneurship can be considered a new discipline which is intended to help support a more sustainable life of the future. You probably have noticed that there are a lot of science products which are actually useful but cannot be marketed well. To solve this issue, we need high-quality scientists who understand how to develop science and business at the same time.

In the future, scientists will be required to understand how to utilize science in everyday life in a faster and more practical way. On top of that, scientists are also expected to lead companies based on science and innovation: if you wish to be able to succeed in the industry, you need to be able to not only invent and innovate, but also to communicate your inventions to the people in order to help them live a better life.

i3l School of Business (iSB) is the only accredited higher education institution which can help you become an expert in bioentrepreneurship. iSB offers two programs that can do just that: Undergraduate Program in Bioentrepreneurship and Master in Biomanagement program. These two exciting programs have been registered and accredited by BAN-PT.

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