Digital Marketing Implementation in Building Brand Awareness

In the era of the industrial revolution like today, the use of social media is very helpful for businessmen. Many businesses are shifting their business from conventional to digital. Without assistance or without utilizing online or digital marketing, of course, it is very difficult for businessmen to place their product or brand in the hearts of the public.

Brand awareness itself has a meaning as the customer’s ability to recognize and remember a product. Customers or consumers usually can recognize these products only from logos, colors, images, or slogans that they inform through promotions.

Digital marketing held by companies has a high impact in increasing brand awareness of the products or services they offer. In carrying out a digital marketing strategy, we are required to always be creative in product marketing. It is intended so that the products we vent can be easily remembered by the market. So what are the ways to build brand awareness through digital intermediaries? Let’s see what ways can be done!

Content Marketing

In creating content for content marketing, it should be noted that you must write articles that are interesting, relevant, and have value.

The content you create will help establish you as an expert in that field, which in turn will help increase brand awareness and ultimately increase the number of consumers.

You need to Keep in mind that content for brand awareness is to provide information to readers, not to sell your goods or services. What Content marketing is meant here, is positive and informative content that engages consumers.

The purpose of content marketing is to help your company emphasize the image and message of your business. To get started with content marketing, the first step you can take is to make a clear strategy.

Take the time to think about what you want to tell consumers, how you will create a coherent story to describe your brand, and what you want to achieve through this content.

Blogs are one of the platforms that you can use for your content marketing. Having a blog on your business website can help establish you as an expert in the field. Blogs are also one of the easiest content marketing strategies to do.

Your blog is to be expected will become a source of information for consumers who want to learn more about your field. Your blog is also expected to be the first place visited by people who want to learn more about your field and also for those who are curious about your field.

Another way that you can do to create interesting content is to involve other experts in your field. Invite them to write on your blog. You can also make questions and answers (Q&A) tutorials and forums. With this, not only will your content help emphasize you as an expert in your field but also create useful and easy-to-share content that is sure to increase the success of your brand.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a popular way to build brand awareness. Facebook Live videos are reported to be receiving as many as 8 billion views per day and Youtube is reportedly receiving as many as 5 billion views per day. With the statistics above, you can see that a lot of people spend their time watching online videos.

Video marketing is one way to reach a wider range of potential buyers. Videos can be in the form of explanatory videos where you create a 1-2 minute video explaining important information about your business.

The second is the pre-roll video, which is a video ad that usually appears before the video you want to watch. The last type of video is a vlog or video blog. You can create video blogs with keyword optimization. Create a fun, casual, and informative vlog to attract the attention of potential customers.

In making videos, make sure you know your business segmentation. What do they like? What kind of language do they speak? You can do this by creating a buyer persona.

In a short, a buyer persona is a character of the imagination that flashes in your brain when you imagine your ideal consumer. You can also create buyer personas based on your consumer data or market research.

SEO and SEM optimization

SEO and SEM optimization can help improve the ranking of your web pages in search engines. Thus, web page visitors will also increase so that your products and services become increasingly recognized.

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