HIPMI x iSB Jakarta Webinar April 2021

i3L School of Business proudly present:

A Strategy That Provides Better Opportunity Webinar, dissecting Business Sustainability presented by Wakil Ketua Umum HIPMI, Anggawira. And accompanied by Head of Business and Entrepreneurship and Lecturer from iSB (i3L School of Business) Jakarta.

“Awalnya saya memang tidak fokus bercita-cita menjadi hanya seorang pengusaha yang sukses. Sejak SMP hingga bangku kuliah, saya sangat senang berorganisasi. Dari situlah saya memiliki jejaring untuk merintis usaha,” 
Said by Anggawira while he was interviewed by Suara.com on Wednesday (27/4/2016)

Join this Saturday 24 April 2021
10:00 – 12:00 WIB
Registration Link: bit.ly/iSBevent quoted from

According to ASEAN SME, HIPMI is the “Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs Association”. 

It has over 30,000 members and a presence in 33 provinces across Indonesia with 274 regency level chapters. Members must be between 18-40 and must run a business. 

They represent a range of business types, mostly within the SME sector, including agriculture, financial services, procurement, industry, and mining, among others. HIPMI conducts advocacy work and also hosts hipmi.net, a social network for members across the economy. 

This event is open to the public and free of charge. i3L School of Business (iSB) certificates will be given to each participant after the webinar with an estimation around 2 weeks after the event. A certificate will be shared in a form of an e-certificate and will be sent through email. To be eligible for this, a participant must fill the attendance form during the webinar. Failure to do so, i3L School of Business will not be able to make an exception. More information on the attendance form will be shared during the webinar event. i3L School of Business strongly encourages all participants to join 30 minutes before the webinar starts to prevent any unwanted missing information. 

i3L School of Business (iSB) looks forward to seeing you on Saturday! And do not forget to share this with your friends.


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