Collaboration between educational institutions and industry must be carried out in a tempt to face the future with uncertain job needs. Therefore, the correlation between innovation and industry with the economy in a country is important.

As a result, the i3L School of Business (iSB) Master of Bio Management (MBM), collaborated with Kalbe International in developing digital marketing market research in the international arena, especially in Vietnam.

Adidharma Sasanasurya, Head of Marketing at Kalbe International, said that the purpose of this collaboration is to develop digital marketing in the countries Kalbe International is located.

“This collaboration to be expected to help us determine what steps should be taken to develop digital marketing. For example, what social media are used the most, what market places are used frequently, and so on, ” as stated by Adi.

He added, with the benefits of this program are to combine two different perspectives to find new markets in the international arena, especially Vietnam.

“We get important information which has only been an assumption for us. For example, do doctors have any objections if we do promotions through social media and also sell our products on e-commerce. It turns out that from the results of the research conducted, it was found that the majority of doctors support digital marketing, ” Adi said.

Adi added that this collaboration could create solutions for existing barriers such as cultural, technological, market, and regulatory in the development of digital marketing in Vietnam in collaboration with MBM i3L School of Business (iSB) students.

Giri Ganapati, an i3L School of Business MBM student, said that the implementation of this collaborative project will make him able to improve his market research skills in the digital era.

“In this collaborative project, marketers naturally have to open their minds to consumer input. Also must choose the right consumers to collaborate with, who able to create platforms and supports for collaboration. If previously marketers were trying to reach certain consumers, now marketers must be able to create products that are relevant to their consumers,” Giri added.

Also, the existence of this International Digital Marketing collaboration project can be an input for Kalbe International in creating a market position (positioning) that is more relevant to consumers, especially in Vietnam.

Catharina Palupi, Head of Sales Pharma Team, Kalbe International, revealed that the digital marketing trend is growing rapidly in the world of healthcare, especially during this pandemic. For example, now people can consult a doctor and buy medicine through an application on a smartphone.

“The collaboration between MBM i3l School of Business and Kalbe International is lining with Kalbe’s hopes to prioritize the use of technology in creating digital transformation in the field of healthcare services, especially in the international arena. As well as answering the challenges and needs of the community for quality inspection services, ” as Cathrina stated.

She also added that in the medical world, the application of digital marketing cannot be separated from the function and role of a doctor.

“Because for a patient, a doctor is the only reliable source to answer questions about disease. So we have to be able to bring doctors into the digital world, ” she concluded.

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