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NCUK Indonesia – Double degree programs can be a good alternative for those who wish to both study at a top university in Indonesia and experience studying overseas. By enrolling in a double degree program, one does not really have to choose between the two.

What exactly is a double degree program? The website defines double degree programs as those which enable inter-institutional learning activities, either between local universities/institutes or between a local one and an overseas one.

Through a double degree collaboration, two universities/institutes can conduct a study program collaboratively and they both acknowledge graduates of this program as their own: each university/institute will issue a degree for their graduates, hence the graduates’ ability to acquire two degrees through one program.

Despite there being many campuses which offer double degree programs, students should be aware of which campuses actually offer credible and proven double degree programs. i3L School of Business (iSB) offers double degree programs like no others which are part of iSB’s collaborations with universities in Australia and UK.

Find the Right Program

This program is part of the collaboration between iSB and Northern Consortium United Kingdom (NCUK) which allows students to have their first two years of study done at iSB Indonesia.

The double degree programs offered by iSB allow students to obtain two degrees: one from iSB and another one from a renowned overseas university. One of the double degree opportunities which you can enrol in is the BioEntrepreneurship collaborative double degree program which  is a collaboration with one of the most highly-regarded universities in Australia, the University of Queensland.

iSB and the University of Queensland have for years established a collaboration for a double degree program for iSB’s BioEntrepreneurship students. The program sees students do the first two years of their study at iSB and the next two at the University of Queensland: students will obtain both a Sarjana Kewirausahaan (S.Bio.K.) degree from iSB and a Bachelor of Business Management degree from the University of Queensland.

This double degree program was specifically designed to give iSB students the opportunity to acquire global competitiveness and the ability to work in international and multicultural environments. On top of providing students with an international network, the program also helps students adapt with the international learning environment and culture. Students of the program will also undoubtedly develop a higher level of confidence and language skills along the way.

A Pathway to Studying in the US

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