Online Business Prospects in the Era Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Online Business Prospects

The Covid-19 pandemic was first declared as an epidemic in Indonesia in March 2020, it’s undeniable that Covid-19 has changed the lives of many people and created various new habits. One of the most sorely impacts is economic changes in various sectors. The impact of these changes is that some people get laid off (PHK) or lose their income.

On the other hand, the rapid development of technology and the internet network brings its own advantage because in times of crisis like right now it’s able to have a positive impact, namely various online business opportunities that can be occupied.

Prof. Gil H. Park, a policy and strategic communication observer from Daegu University, South Korea, assessed that online or information technology-based economic activities will play a more important role in the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, this pandemic is not just a threat but an opportunity for the service sector to adapt and transform in the economic sector, and the government needs to help more business activities and the information technology-based economy.

This needs to be done considering that information technology-based or online economic activities will play a more important role in the future.

Entrepreneur and founder of the Bahaso startup platform, Tyovan Ari Widagdo assesses that several startup business sectors have the opportunity to be popular and profitable in the current pandemic era, such as e-commerce, edutech (Education Technology), and health.

The e-commerce business is the public’s main need in transacting during this pandemic, considering that people are afraid to shop directly so purchasing some necessities are made online through e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, edutech happen is because the government still recommends learning from home, and the health sector is because people are still worried about the spread of Covid-19 if they just consult straightly at the hospital.

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