International Pathway Program
in Business

International Pathway Program: Year One in Business enables students to progress directly into the second year of their studies in the universities of their choosing. 

Our program consists of 3 semesters, designed specifically to prepare our students to get their degree in Business from overseas universities. Our curricula, course content, teaching methods, and lecturers assist us in shaping our students to be future leaders in the business field. Students can choose one university from a range of options at which they can complete their studies and obtain their degrees.

Entry Requirements

Acceptable Academic Qualifications:


ADVANCE START (Early Intake Starts July 2022)
Study for your degree early to be better equipped for the future!
Upon successful completion of your International Pathway Program, you are guaranteed to get a place at one of our overseas partner universities.
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By starting your study in Indonesia, you can save money, time, and other expenses.
International Pathway Program provides you with the necessary academic and non-academic skills to help you successfully navigate through your journey at the overseas university of your choosing.

Program Structure

International Pathway Program: Year One in Business consists of 3 (three) semesters that students can take within the duration of one year before  progressing into their university of choice. Please find the structure below:

Semester 1
Courses Name 
Applied Business Economics 
Business Communication 
Organizational Behavior 
Introduction to Accounting 
Semester 2
Courses Name 
Human Resources Management 
Marketing Management 
Management Accounting 
Business Data Analytics 
Semester 3
Courses Name 
Operations Management 
Business Information System 
Business Ethics 
Financial Management 

IPP Partner Universities

International Opportunities

As a part of iSB’s Bachelor Program, International Pathway Program provides students with the opportunities to foster their skills and confidence for successful global careers. iSB has several partner universitities in Australia, including:

We have student exchange arrangement which allows students of both iSB and UNSW (Sydney) to study at each institution for one-semester or one-year.

We have a double degree agreement that allows students to study 3 or 4 semesters at iSB (Indonesia), 4 or 3 semesters at UQ (Australia) and then return to iSB to complete the final degree requirements.

iSB has various international collaborations in research, seminars, workshops, international double degree programs, student exchange, and thesis placements. Since our first operational year, we have successfully managed to establish more than 30 active collaborations internationally and helped more than 300 students go abroad.

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