Some Benefits of Co-working Space

Coworking Space

Renting office space is quite expensive. In Jakarta, the price for office rentals in Sudirman now has an average price of IDR 300,000.00 per m² every month. To reduce your business expenses, you may consider moving to joint office space, or what is commonly called a co-working space.

Coworking spaces offer many entrepreneurs and small business owners an affordable place to set up a business in a collaborative environment.

Saving Operational Cost

By using a co-working space, you reduce expenses for rent, electricity, internet, to small things like water, coffee, and snacks.

Social Motivation

If you are a single worker, working alone at home can feel lonely, especially if you are an extrovert who loves to socialize. Working around like-minded people can inspire and motivate you even more.


In a co-working space, you’ll have the opportunity to build connections and collaborate with other small business owners. They can be partners in discussing and exchanging ideas. Some co-working spaces have specific themes such as international business or technology, allowing you to build connections with colleagues from the same industry.

Foremost, the existence of a co-working space rental package that offers training/workshops, can make it easier for you to build connections with other business people as well as improve skills in a classroom setting.


You can work however and whenever you want. You can leave the co-working space and move to a permanent office when the time comes.

Separation of work life from personal life

If you’ve been working from home, of course, you feel that work is often mixed with personal life because you can never really leave work. By working in a co-working space, you are allowed to separate your personal life from your work life at a relatively low price. This can certainly have a positive impact on your productivity.

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