Squid Game, Is It A Profitable Business

squid game

In 2021, who hasn’t heard of the latest trending Korean series? The drama, which tells the story of a survival game, received a positive response from the global audience. Squid Game became the new viral sensation of the internet. Memes, video, review all about Squid Game are hype right now. Did you know that the business pattern of Squid Game is similar to horse racing? Let’s check whether this can be profitable or detrimental.


Yes, before explaining further. Games that involve endangering the lives of their participants are inhumane and should not exist because they rule out human rights. On the screen, you may see this game is legal because The participants legally agree and understand the risks. But it must be remembered that this game should not be made into the real world of reality.

Is Squid Game Profitable?

As explained in the final episode, the game is described as a horse race. Let’s see more about how the horse racing gambling business runs.

It should be noted, especially in the USA, some horse racing venues are equipped with casinos that also offer various types of gambling events. That said, horse racing came to be a lucrative business for the owner of the racing venue. Their ability to host such an event can attract spectators, who are willing to pay to support their favorite horse. This helps them generate more funds, especially with the income they will get from admission tickets. They will also get a percentage of the events held at their venue.

Illegal in Indonesia

Before the 1980s, casinos were allowed in Indonesia. There was once a casino in the Jakarta area under Ali Sadikin’s leadership, for example on the lower floor of the Sarinah Building, Central Jakarta, in Petak Sembilan (PIX), West Jakarta, and in Hai Lai, Ancol.

In the 1990s, in Indonesia, many casinos were secretly operating illegally. Along with the rapid development of media in the 21st century, many of these activities are reported in the media. The Indonesian government through the Indonesian National Police acted quickly to close all illegal casinos after receiving reports from the public. It is now impossible to find a legal casino because it is against the 1945 Constitution which prohibits gambling.

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