Many questions why should you choose Business Management as a college major? One of the reasons is because business and management have a very broad scope of knowledge so that later it will make it easier for you to find work.

Because of its broadness, business and management science is further divided into several specializations, including Accounting, Administration, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Business Economics, and Banking and Finance.

International Business Management

There are many types of study programs that collegers can engage in management and business, one of which is International Business Management. This is an Internationally Business and Management course.

In Indonesia, many universities have opened International Business Management programs. How does this program work?

In short, the university cooperates with universities abroad. Both of them collaborated for the learning process of the Business and Management study program with details of 6 semesters at the home university, 2 semesters at the partner university abroad.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing an International Business Management (IBM) Major

  1. Advancement in Theory and Practice

Students will receive more advanced material, both theoretically and practically. Students will be taught by two lecturers from different universities. That’s why the knowledge gained is much more advance.

other than that, the opportunity for IBM students to go directly to practice the theory they learned in class is more available, through internship programs or work placements.

At International Business Management by the I3L School of Business or also known as ISB, collegers are equipped with theories from the curriculum and sophisticated lecturers to prepare collegers for leading multinational companies.

  1. Brighter Job Prospects

Business and management science is so broad that it covers many fields. Because basically all forms of business will always be related to management science.

So don’t be surprised if business and management graduates have diverse job prospects.


  1. More Work Ready

IBM programs generally prioritize in practice. Collegers will be sent directly to the field to prove the truth of the theory they have learned during their learning period.

From the internship experience and work placement that universities provide, it is clear that scholars of international business management are more ready to work because their abilities have been well polished a lot.

  1. Universities “Get Involved”

Universities with IBM programs generally get involved to help their graduates find the right career. In addition, the provenance university and their Partner University also cooperate with many large companies to channel their alumni towards brilliant careers.

But if you want to get into the IBM major, there are a few things you need to pay attention to, here are IBM’s shortcomings that need your attention.

  1. Conflicted Policies from 2 Different Countries

The policies of each country of course are different, but these policies are readjusted with the regulations of the universities involved. Not all universities have the same policies or program details.

  1. Quite Costive

If you want to take IBM as your college major, of course, you need to be fund prepared. By taking IBM majors you are required to study in 2 different countries which of course makes your expenses enormous. But don’t worry, if you taking a major in IBM at i3L School of Business or ISB, we offer a scholarship to help out our collegers that you can pursue.

What do you think? With the advantages and disadvantages as described above, aren’t you interested in making International Business Management your college major? If you want to take this major, it’s a very thoughtful idea to consider i3L School of Business isb.ac.id. because at ISB you also have the opportunity to continue your studies abroad.