So far, are you among those who interpret businessman and entrepreneurs are the same things? If so, then please note that this understanding is wrong. Because both have differences, both in terms of definition, objectives, risks and other aspects. The following is the detailed information.

Definition of Businessman

A Businessman is someone who follows the traditional way of doing business or follows an existing business idea and develops in society. So that business people tend to face small risks because they can choose business ideas with promising prospects and limited risks.

Definition of Entrepreneur

Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs themselves, it is a business activity that is then run the business independently. Another term to call it entrepreneurship because it is run independently, so it has substantial risk.

The Fundamental Difference Between The Two

In terms of the meaning described above, there will indeed be significant differences. The following are details of the differences:


The first difference is in terms of ideas where an entrepreneur will bring up new business ideas and exert all their abilities to create these new business ideas. Meanwhile, businessman tend to see trends and maximize profits from these rising businesses.


Second, it is in terms of objectives in running a business. A businessman has the main focus on pursuing profit, the higher the profit, the better. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs usually focus on business development and their passion. So that the main goal is to get personal satisfaction from products and services that have been successfully developed wholeheartedly.


Next is the attitude of both of them in facing a business challenge. For entrepreneurs, challenges and changes are commonplace and they tend to be flexible in dealing with them, so it’s easy to keep up with changes and get out of their comfort zone.

However, it will be the opposite for businessman who finds it difficult to get out of their comfort zone. They will tend to survive when the profit is still obtained, if they lose profit, they will immediately switch to another business.

Definition of Success

The next difference is the perspective or how the two define success. Businessman see a business that continues to grow and bring maximum profit as their definition of success. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs view success as the triumph of the process in transforming ideas into finished products and the process of introducing them to the public.

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