The Importance of Understanding Digital Marketing to Compete in the Job Market

Digital marketing is a way to market a product through the use of electronic devices and the internet based on a set of marketing strategies in order to help a seller communicate online with consumers. Digital marketing has been gaining significant popularity in Indonesia as business owners have been marketing their products and services through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

The rise of digital marketing has helped the creation of new jobs: there have been a lot of new companies offering digital marketing services and consulting. These companies rely on marketing experts who, at the same time, often help develop digital marketing modules which enable young entrepreneurs to improve their digital marketing strategies.
Why do more people see digital marketing as vital to their businesses?

1. Digital marketing can help direct the course of a company

Many companies who do not implement digital marketing cannot position themselves strategically. These companies do not have a clear understanding of how they can market their products through online promotions, especially in regards to getting new customers, increasing sales and strengthening their relationships with customers. Today, without digital marketing, companies will not be able to develop their businesses well.

2. Without digital marketing, a company will be outrivaled by competitor in regards to garnering new public awareness

When a company did not decide to activate a competent unit to work on proper digital marketing, other companies who do would be way ahead of them in online promotions. The implementation of digital marketing helps companies interact directly with both new and existing customers.

3. Digital marketing helps companies identify new market online

Digital marketing enables companies to identify and meet demands online. Through online market research, companies are able to understand current trends: what products are favored and which are not.
In promoting a product, a company can make great use of keywords suggested by Google to attract potential customers. A keyword can be proven successful through the number of advertisement hits and companies should take more advantage of such practical online strategy.

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