Want to be an Expert in International-Level Financial Reporting? This is the Right Program for You!

The international standard of financial reporting has been considered a necessity in Indonesia in hopes of elevating the quality of accounting in Indonesia. Therefore, there have been a lot of universities which offer programs that can fulfill this demand.


One of the programs that you could take to become an international-level accountant is International Accounting. This program can help you master the principles of accounting which have been implemented in many different countries. Generally speaking, International Accounting is a necessary discipline as it teaches how accounting trends change internationally.


In Indonesia, there have not been many universities that offer International Accounting. One of the examples of a campus which offers International Accounting is i3L School of Business (iSB). There, the program is called International Applied Accounting.


There are countless benefits of studying International Applied Accounting at iSB, some of them being:

  • Students get the chance to acquire an advanced diploma from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), UK;
  • Students get the chance to obtain a Bachelor’s of Applied Accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK;
  • Students can do internship at one of ACCA network companies;
  • Students learn through an interactive method made in collaboration with Sunway University, Malaysia.


Hani Karunia, M.B.A., M.Sc., the Head of ACCA Indonesia, explained that the role of technology in business cannot be taken for granted. Globalization and the current trends in competition require accountants to make good use of technology in their work. ACCA teaches accountants to develop analytical thinking in their use of technology: it is what makes ACCA programs so beneficial for aspiring accountants.


ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) was founded in 1904 in the UK and has since become a global accounting certification body which offers chartered certifications to accountants around the world. ACCA has a total of 700,000 members and students in 178 countries. Professional accountants with ACCA certifications are highly-sought after by big companies as ACCA certifications represent integrity, expert business skills and deep knowledge on accounting and finance.


Hani also stated that ACCA upholds high international standard in regards to business ethics and accounting and finance skills which are necessary for accountants to do their work. In a lot of different cases, ACCA certifications also represent an accountant’s understanding towards the latest technology and its applications. Therefore, by pursuing an ACCA certification, you can be hundreds of steps ahead of any other aspiring accountants in terms of competitiveness.

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