I see an abyss’ deep -failure signs where a country experiences :

1. Failure to distinguish between Small Medium Enterprise vs Innovation Driven Enterprise – the latter is the one propelling us from the middle income trap;

2. Failure to differentiate between necessity-based entrepreneurs (those who become entrepreneurs due to unemployment) vs opportunity-based entrepreneurs, worsened by

3. Reliance too much on goverment in providing a silver bullet to all types of entrepreneurs despite their distinctive characteristics.

4. Failure to know the priorites in building a complete ecosystem because defying too much of the triple or penta helix buzzword. I offer you the more applicable innovation / entrepreneurship ecosystem frameworks such as Berkeley’s (by Prof. Jerome Engel or MIT’s (by Prof. Fiona Murray and Dr.Phil Budden) or Babson’s (by Prof. Heidi Neck) or those framework derived from proven i-e ecosystems (like Tel-Aviv or Kendall, or Berkeley).

If you were a Life-Science graduates / undergraduates living in a non-life-science complete-ecosystem, what would you do in creating values? Please don’t change the course and don’t join the hyped techno/digi-preneur! Innovation isn’t merely about technology! You can innovate your business model, your business process, and your positioning.

-Toronata Tambun

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