X- Culture, Helping Young People In Facing Global Challenges on the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Nowadays, we stand on the fringe of the industrial revolution 4.0 which will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and build our relationship with one another. Regarding its scale, scope, and complexity, we are facing mass transformation that we never imagine before.

Like the revolution that preceded it, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has the potential to increase global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around the world. Until now, those who have gotten the most advantages out of it are consumers who have been able to buy and access the digital world and services.

In the meantime, the industrial revolution makes us to have to understand business globally. I3L School of Business (iSB) is an educational institution that encourages students to be prepared to face global challenges. One of the solutions to answer the challenges is by participating in X-Culture activities. X-Culture is a project designed to offer students an opportunity to work in a global virtual team (GVT) and complete a project for a real business client. In the process, students are given the chance to experience the challenges and learn the best practices from global virtual collaboration and business consulting.

Most X-Culture trainees are students who take a course at their university where X-Culture is required or become optional part of the course. These trainees do not need to submit individual X-Culture applications and pay the participation fee – the application and the participation fee will be covered by their course instructor. Currently, There are 3,500 students from 110 universities in 35 countries that committed to join X- culture project per October 2020.

In the process, X-Culture provides education in advance about how to work with a global virtual team. So, there will be a readiness test for each student who participates in this program. Therefore, before they start to work on the case studies that they must complete before, It is hoped that they already know the basic theory in doing so on certain conditions.

Another X-Culture goal is meant for the student to give them experiences on business consultation matter for the real business client, so the case that they will found here, that will be presented by the student, is real business client problem. The students are required to solve it. There will be a list of the case. The student can decide which cases they want to approach.

Currently, i3L School of Business students are taking 3 case studies, there is the wine produced from Gocci Griffoni, Italy. Product Truffle and wine from the Truffle and wine Company, Australia. And Chocolate Products from Ab Ovo Chocolate, Ghana. In X-Culture, they will work on collaborative programs with other overseas students from the USA, Mexico, Morocco where they have to present the results of their collaborative work with their respective groups to solve problems in the company.

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