Getting to Know Ecopreneur, An Environmentally Oriented Entrepreneur


Ecopreneur maybe sounds similar to an entrepreneur. Yes, it’s no wonder, because ecopreneurship is actually not much different than an entrepreneur.

Ecopreneur is a figure that is needed by the business world now even though the term is not well known yet.

It’s because more and more people are paying attention to environmental issues and want businesses to do the same.

So, let’s read the further explanation about ecopreneur, ‘kay! To understand ecopreneur or green entrepreneur, let’s get acquainted with the term ecopreneurship.

According to research, ecopreneurhip is a combination of two words, which are eco and entrepreneurship. That’s why, ecopreneruship is a business activity which is based on environment.

The focus of businesses which apply ecopreneurship is to decrease the impact of business to environment and still make sure that the goals of business are still fulfilled and maximum business results.

Reporting from the Business Dictionary, ecopreneur is a businessman who creates and sells environmentally friendly products or services based on principals of environmental and ecological economics. So, an ecopreneur is a profit-oriented person just like an entrepreneur.

However, ecopreneurs also pay attentions to environmental aspect and are careful of the impact from their business operations.

In addition, the goal of ecopreneurship is also to build a sustainable and minimal-waste business yang for a long time. Reporting from Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project, a study by Lutz E. Schlange concluded that the main characteristic of an ecopreneurs is to focus on ecological aspect.

The focus on that aspect is much stronger than the usual entrepreneur who usually only has one goal that is to gain maximum profit. Besides, her study found that other characteristics which are important as a business model with ecopreneurship principals are economic and social or ethics.


This characteristic refers to all economic activities in the company. These characteristics pay attention to several processes which are input, transformation and output.

On input process, the indicator that needs to be considered is supplies from suppliers. As an ecopreneur, you must know the source of raw materials being used in your business. Is it already in accordance to environmentally friendly regulations?

Then, on the transformation process, business needs to have a clear plan to develop in the long run which also includes development potential for economic growth and innovation. The company’s missions have to focus on developing the business and this thing must be embraced by all company systems.


Not only that, everyone who is involved in the business of an ecoprneneur needs to have same understanding and same goals.

On the output process, the main indicator is cooperation and relationship that could be maintained with other business partners which supports company’s credibility as a sustainability agent.


In this process, the indicator on the input process is transportation, where the system that is used needs to be environmentally friendly.

On transformation process, the focus as an ecopreneur is on energy use. As much as possible, use alternative energy sources and increase the efficiency of energy consumption.

Other than that, it’s very important for environmentally friendly businessman to lessen emission and toxins or contamination of waste before it’s discharged to the environment.

Meanwhile, for output process, the indicator that needs to be paid attention to is the product life cycle in accordance to ecological principles in order to produce waste as minimum as possible.


Ecopreneur also needs to be attentive to social aspects, such as equal opportunity to people from every gender and every group of people and open opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

All the company workers in ecopreneur business need to have equal opportunities and be awarded accordingly. In addition, you also need to make sure that the working environment of your company is safe and also complies with standards that have been set. This is important so the sustainability is ideal for the entire system and company stakeholders.



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