About Master in Biomanagement

The i3L Master in Biomanagement is meant for fresh graduates and professionals who want to develop their career in the highly complex yet highly promising life science industry.

By learning how to apply business methods and tools into the life science arena, students will master the skills required to translate scientific research and patents into innovative products and viable business opportunities according to the market needs.

The overarching goal of the i3L Master of Biomanagement is to provide aspiring life science managers with a deep understanding of the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and business in the context of the life science industry.

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Vision and Mission

To become a leading Master’s Program in Biomanagement which encourages innovation and business development and provides direct contributions towards improving the country’s quality of life and competitiveness which is equipped with a global academic network.
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Why Choose Master in Biomanagement at iSB?

Work on a real-life consultative project from a life-science company
Gain hands-on marketing and strategy experiences through robust business simulations which are utilized by the world’s top business schools
Experience studying using a module from the world’s best business school
Gain international recognition with additional Master’s degree & post-graduate certificate from Switzerland & United States
Gain international network and exposure

Our students will work on projects from our business partners under the supervision of our expert faculty members which will enable them to gain valuable experiences in research, analyses and problem solving. We prepare our students to work in a highly-competitive business world.

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Our students will be able to apply and test marketing theories and decisions in a risk-free environment. They can learn from their mistakes and successes through business simulations that mirror the real business world. These simulations are also used by top business schools around the world.

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Students will learn Sustainable Business Strategy module from the worlds best business school. They will be trained to be purpose-driven leader as the course illustrates how business can thrive and grow while simultaneously solving some of the world’s biggest challenges using values-driven approach and how student, as an individual, can make a difference.

What will be learned:

  • Understand and analyze the business models that drive change Communicate the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven leader to management, leadership, and other key stakeholders
  • Explore why collective efforts matter and how business can be a catalyst for system-level change in the face of significant global issues, such as climate change and income inequality
  • Examine the broader environmental, political, and social landscape in which you operate, including the role of government, inves- tors, and customers
  • Determine what you can do in your career to become a purpose-driven leader

Students may choose their preferred double degree & post-graduate certificate that suit their needs and circumstances. They can get an additional international master’s degree & post-graduate certificate in just 2 years. There are 4 options for our students to choose:

Together we create the differences


Semester 1
Courses Name Courses SKS
Financial Management 3
Marketing Strategy 3
Elective 1 3
Business Analytics 3
Total SKS 12
Semester 2
Courses Name Courses SKS
Human Resources and Management 3
Research Methods and Decision Making in Life Science 3
Business Strategy 3
Project in Life Science 3
Total SKS 15
Semester 3 (Management Streaming)
Courses Name Courses SKS
Elective 2 3
Elective 3 3
Elective 4 3
Total SKS 9
Semester 3 (Accelerator Streaming)
Courses NameCourses SKS
Course by Accelerator9
Total SKS9
Semester 4
Courses Name Courses SKS
Thesis 6
Total SKS 6
SKS Study Program
SKS Study Program 42

Elective Course:

  • Economic Analysis in Life Sciences
  • Strategic Innovation in Life Sciences
  • Value Chain in Life Sciences
  • New Product Development to Commercialization in Life Sciences
  • Commercialization in Life Sciences
  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile Project Management
  • Legal Environment & Compliances in Life Sciences
  • Management Accounting
  • International Business Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Life Science
  • Data Analytics

MBM Acceleration Program

Master in Biomanagement (MBM) Acceleration Program is a Special Program designed for i3L & iSB students. By joining this program, the student can finish their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (S1 & S2) in just 5 years. 

If you are a current i3L or iSB student, then you can enroll in MBM Acceleration Program in the 6th semester and start in the 7th semester.

Learning Method & Enrollment Requirements