Business & Entrepreneurship
Bachelor's Program

The Business & Entrepreneurship program is designed to develop students’ fundamental management skills and proficiency in the language of business.

Students are trained through real-life bioentrepreneurship projects to help them become well-rounded entrepreneurs. Students can also gain various international experiences to broaden their perspective and network by participating in our international programs (exchange programs, double degree, international competitions). Skills that we develop in the Business & Entrepreneurship program are applicable in creating viable businesses that can go international; this is why we believe the Business & Entrepreneurship program is the best choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Vision and Mission

To become a leading, innovative Bioentrepreneurship of Life Science Products program which focuses on life science products and gives direct contribution towards improving the country’s quality of life and competitiveness and is equipped with a global academic network.

Reni Mutiarani Saraswati B.A., MBSYS.

Head of Business & Entrepreneurship

Why the Business & Entrepreneurship at iSB (i3L School of Business) ?

First in Indonesia

We prepares you to lead the global bio-industry to meet the demands for healthcare, food, and energy.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We seamlessly integrates business management, life sciences, and entrepreneurship.

Experiental Learning

We enables you to pursue your passion and learn how to start your own bio-based business first-hand.

International Programs

Fostering skills & confidence for successful global careers

Double Degree Program with

The University of Queensland, Australia​

Master's Pathway

Boston Uni Master’s Program
iSB Business Entrepreneurship
iSB Double Degree Master’s Program
MBM International program (3)

International Program for Business Student

iSB has various international collaborations in research, seminars, workshops, international double degree programs, student exchange, and thesis are 7,000 multinational companies in the world which have subsidiaries around the world. 

Together we create the differences


European Innovation Academy
We are proud to announce that two iSB students (Benyamin Kristian Worabay and Erine Marcelina Gunawan) took part in the 2019 European Innovation Academy (EIA) in Hong Kong.
Harvard Project for ASIAN and International Relations

The 2018 HPAIR Asia Conference successfully brought together 600 delegates from more than 60 different countries and 150 speakers for a 5-day conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 16th – 20th, 2018

Deloitte Risk Intelligence Challenge

Deloitte Risk Intelligence Challenge (RIC) is an inter-university competition which aims to develop the next generation of critical thinkers, innovative and risk-inclined individuals. Our Business & Entrepreneurship students won 3rd Place at the competition with a presentation titled “Risk Assessment of PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s Digitization Process.”

IISMA Awardee to USA

Congratulations to Gregory Bertly Josefano from iSB (i3L School of Business) Cohort 2020 for successfully securing his scholarship to University of California, Davis in USA.

Top Scholar Award of Cohort 2019

Top Scholar Award for Well Rounded Students.

Well rounded students means not only academically strong, but also actively participate in various activities, won competitions, write journals , and more!


Our past and current projects in collaboration with i3L School of Life Sciences

BE iSB Projects

Laportea Massage Oil

BE iSB Projects (1)

Red Fruit Energy Drink

BE iSB Projects (2)

Watermelon Noodles

BE iSB Projects (3)

Ginger Ranger & Super Kencur

BE iSB Projects (4)

Gandha Body Wash

BE iSB Projects (5)


Future Career

  • Project Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • General Manager
  • Business Economist
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Planner
  • Bioentrepreneur (Entrepreneur in Life Sciences)
  • Business Development Professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Researcher
  • Business Advisor
  • Business Manager
  • Management & Business
  • Consultant
  • And many more…


Kamna Aurora Business & Entrepreneurship 2016 - iSB - UNSW student exchange program

Here, I've learned about how science and biotechnology can be brought to business in classes such as supply chain, finance, accounting and even business in life sciences. In semester 5, I got the opportunity to go to UNSW for a student exchange for a semester. There, I got to take courses such as marketing research, intellectual property and two more where I got to meet amazing people and get challenged in a whole new way. The campus was beautiful, the city was amazing and the people were great. And it was amazing to be able to be challenged in such a unique environment, different from where I grew up in Indonesia. Thank you iSB for this opportunity.

Prof. Mehdi Moutahir Associate Professor and Senior Director of International Partnership Johnson & Wales University

Prof. Mehdi Moutahir has made a couple of visits to iSB, and in his most recent visit he delivered a really insightful Power Talk to i3L business students. "The Power Talk in iSB was about entrepreneurship, from new product development to commercialization. And it turned out to be a general conversation with students to engage among the topics of entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneurial formation and behavior. It was very rewarding, the students were very engaged. I’m very excited about the partnership between Johnson & Wales and the iSB. It does have wonderful programs, focused not only on entrepreneurship, but the science behind it, which makes it very valuable for students. And I'm very much looking forward to finding not only articulation agreement between programs but also collaboration opportunities between students as well.

Anasthasia J. H.,S.Bio.K. Alumna of Business & Entrepreneurship 2015 - 6-month Internship at L'ORÉAL & Management Trainee Currently works as Business Analyst at Clapping Group

Being a part of a life sciences institute enables the Business & Entrepreneurship program to take an active role in commercializing research findings and innovation ideas from other study programs. This unique setting provides ample opportunity for our students to gain hands-on experience in the startup creation process from the very beginning. (Managed to beat 1657 students in the process to be an intern at L'ORÉAL)

Indra S. Sentosa, S.Bio.K. Alumnus of Business & Entrepreneurship 2015 - Managing Director at PT. Total Solusi Bersama

I would describe my time in iSB as the most interesting journey of my life so far. I was encouraged to exceed my limits and the environment there pushed me to be as creative as possible. The business curriculum was designed to be fluid and adaptive, therefore I was able to learn both fundamentals and the most current knowledge from it. The extracurricular activities were fun as well, I got to experience building communities and clubs, which are both fun and educative. Overall, it was a real pleasure to be able to be a part of this institute for 4 years. I hope the campus will grow and at the same time continue providing meaningful experiences for the students.

Nindra A. Hapsari, S.Bio.K. Alumna of Business & Entrepreneurship 2015 - Head of Marketing and Commercial Division - Conclave (PT Gudang Kapital Internasional)

I chose i3L because I believed this would be the place where I can receive the best education and learn how to become a leader in my field. By studying at i3L, I have gained many with the opportunities to engage with global researchers, a chance to work in top class laboratories and create important network which will help me with my future career.

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