i3L’s School of Business, led by lecturer Tresya Febrinasari Naue, has launched an innovative CSR program called FETE (From Earth to Earth). The program revolves around growing green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and water spinach with recycled paper as a medium.

The program is conducted in partnership with Bogor-based ecotourism company, INAGRO, which gave permission for i3L students to use their space to grow the vegetables. The crops are then distributed for free to locals in need, as well as sold affordably to small businesses.

FETE has been a great success, as the vegetables are still being grown today by i3L students at INAGRO’s location. This innovative approach to agriculture greatly reduces its ecological impact, making it a sustainable effort. 

By providing healthy, fresh vegetables to the community, i3L and INAGRO are making a positive impact on the lives of locals, addressing food security concerns in the area, and promoting healthy eating habits.

FETE is just one of the many ways in which i3L is working towards sustainable development and creating a positive impact on both people and the environment. Through FETE and other initiatives, i3L is leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.