Latest Updates from our International Office

Greetings from the International Office at i3L! The year 2019 has ended and we would like to invite you to look back at what we have achieved in the past 12 months. i3L has always strived for fully supporting its

Integrated Conference on Eurasia-Pacific Business Management (ICEPBM) 2019

The 21st century was marked by a change in the center of the world economy which was originally centered in western countries (Europe-USA) into eastern countries (Asia). This change is in line with the economic growth of Asian countries. This

i3L is hosting PDA President & CEO Richard Johnson for the upcoming Power Talk

Greetings from Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences (i3L), Jakarta. i3L proudly presents another episode from the i3L Power Talk event series. i3L Power Talk gives a unique opportunity for students to actively engage in discussions with national and international experts

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