iSB Offers Pathway Programs in UK, Australia and New Zealand

The Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences School of Business (iSB) offers pathway programs for business courses at leading universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This pathway program provides cost-saving benefits and reduces the risk of failure to complete studies at the intended university.

The university, which is located in East Jakarta, has collaborated with the Northern Consortium United Kingdom (NCUK) which allows students or female students to study at iSB Jakarta first, which will later be able to continue their studies abroad. (Also read: iSB and Kalbis Collaboration Institute Holds Social Media Tournament Competition).

The iSB offers two programs, namely the International Year One program, which allows students to study the first year at iSB, with guarantees that in the second year they will enter universities that are members of NCUK such as the University of Leeds, Birmingham University, University of Western Australia and other universities. Meanwhile, the International Year Two program allows students to undertake the second year at iSB and the third year at universities that are members of NCUK such as the University of Bradford, Aston University, and other universities.

The program offered by iSB makes it easier for students who are considering study locations with restrictions on international travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they earn an Australian Degree or UK Degree at a more affordable price and safer during a pandemic.

The Dean of iSB, Budi Santoso, Ph.D. welcomed the partnership program run by iSB and NCUK. “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with NCUK, of course, this will make it easier for students to get degrees from one of the prominent universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. All of these universities are excellent choices for you to develop as an individual and to introduce you to a professional environment, “said Budi.

Budi also added that apart from running the NCUK program, iSB has its own uniqueness in providing company projects for students to work on. Students not only have the opportunity to work on company projects in Indonesia but also work on company projects abroad

Another uniqueness is the learning approach that uses simulations such as the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation or Marketing Strategy developed by StratX Paris. This simulation is also used by the world’s leading business schools.

Apart from simulations, iSB also provides opportunities to work on business projects with students from all over the world. This program is called X-Culture.

iSB's NCUK Program

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iSB's NCUK Program
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