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NCUK Jakarta – The education sector has been affected greatly by everything that has unfolded in 2020. The pandemic has forced numerous countries to close down their gates from the outside world. This issue has become the number one obstacle for those who wish to study abroad. 

Seeing the current situation, i3L School of Business (iSB) has successfully designed a program which offers students the opportunity to partake in a double degree program without having to go abroad during the first semesters of their study.

Students are given the opportunity to get an S1 (Strata 1) degree from iSB and an accredited bachelor’s degree from either the UK or Australia.

This program is part of the collaboration between iSB and Northern Consortium United Kingdom (NCUK) which allows students to have their first two years of study done at iSB Jakarta.

Students can start their third year of study at an NCUK university in the UK or in Australia. There are many NCUK universities students can choose from should they wish to study in the UK: University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, University of Bradford, Aston University, and many more. There are also NCUK universities in Australia: University of Western Australia and Swinburne University.

Find the Right Program

This double degree program is the perfect solution for Indonesian students to obtain a UK or Australian degree during the pandemic, not to mention the program’s relatively low tuition fee which will help parents afford quality education for their children. Due to the fact that the first semesters of the study are done in Indonesia, parents do not need to think about the high living costs which would be an issue whenever the decision to study overseas is made.

This program was designed to help students adapt to international education. Students of the program are prepared to have global competitiveness which will help them work in different international environments. All classes are taught by top notch lecturers through international-standard curricula: students will be able to gain an international network through studying in the program. Surely, along the way, students will also be able to develop their confidence and language skills.

Therefore, for those who wish to study abroad during the pandemic, you need not worry: join iSB now and obtain your international degree!

A Pathway to Studying in the US


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