Preparation for Study in New Zealand and Other Countries Let's Join the ISB Pathway Program

Studying in New Zealand, have you ever thought about it? Maybe studying in New Zealand is not as popular as studying in other countries such as England, America, or Japan. However, what Science-seeker needs to know is that this country has been long to be one of the countries that students from all over the world go to study.

Of course, there are several reasons that make New Zealand a suitable country to continue studying. Some of the points are as mentioned below:

  1. Have a Greater chance to be accepted

The government of New Zealand has great attention to the world of higher education which has an impact on increasing student capacity. With the increasing capacity or quota of students accepted, the greater your chances of being accepted. However, you have to be mean about it and serious in preparing yourself, because New Zealand still not has low standards.

  1. Education system

The education system in New Zealand is different from what we have in Indonesia. For those of you who want to explore skills that match the needs of the latest industrial world, you can find them there. The education system in New Zealand also enables collaboration between universities as well as emerging industries. With such a curriculum, the college graduate there have specializations that are much needed by the industrial world.

Other than that, the quality of all campuses or educational institutions in New Zealand is always actively monitored by an institution called the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to ensure the quality of teaching and the quality of output produced by each university.

  1. Scholarship opportunities

Your chance to get a scholarship to study in New Zealand can be said it’s quite high because there are dozens of types of scholarships provided for international students. You can access it through the New Zealand government channel, college channel, and other channels provided by the organization or industry.

Most of the scholarships provided are intended for students who will study in master and doctoral programs. However, for those of you who want to study in the undergraduate (S1) program, there are still opportunities for scholarships through the university pathway.

Apart from direct scholarships, you can also use other pathways to study in New Zealand, namely through the pathway program offered by the i3L School of Business (iSB). This program offered by iSB is specifically for business majors! Through this program, you also get several benefits apart from the cost side which is definitely much cheaper.

iSB Has a Pathway Program to Study in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK

And yes, the pathway program offered by iSB is not only with New Zealand, you know, but also the UK and Australia, because this is part of the iSB’s collaboration program with the Northern Consortium United Kingdom (NUCK).

There are two mechanisms that you can choose in the pathway program called IYOne and IYTwo.

If you choose IYOne, then in the first year you will spend at iSB while earning a bachelor’s degree from iSB. Next, you will enter a preparatory class to ensure your transition from iSB to your destination university. Then, you can be sure that you can study at your preferred university in the second year until you graduate.

Furthermore, under the IYTwo program, you will spend your first two years at iSB. Furthermore, the same as the IYOne program, you will also enter a preparatory class to expedite the process of your transfer to your preferred university and in the third year, you have studied abroad until you graduate.

From The two program schemes above, it requires you to have the right strategy before choosing. If you feel that you already have thorough preparation to continue studying abroad, the IYOne scheme is suitable for you. Through this scheme, you can spend more time abroad. That way, you can gain more experience and also make connections with more people who might help open up your chances of success in the future.

Meanwhile, the IYTwo scheme is perfect for those of you who need more preparation before studying abroad. During two years of studying at iSB, you can practice your English skills first, including financial preparation by saving to anticipate all possibilities that may occur while studying abroad.

If you wish to graduate or complete a dual degree program in a maximum of 4 years, it means that in the IYTwo scheme you only have 2 years while studying abroad to complete your studies, so you must also have an accurate strategy. One of them is by preparing a final project proposal as well as possible while studying at iSB. Of course, all lecturers at iSB will be happy to help you through. The chance is that you will continue the final project that you have completed while studying at iSB or you have other ideas that you can nurture and ripen while studying at iSB.

What is certain is that choosing this program will open up various opportunities that you may never have thought of before, including wider international connections.

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